Who, What and Where Are We?

belle williams, lark williams, taylor williams, everett smith, paige burns, molly dedmond, robert

From left: Belle Williams, Lark Williams, Taylor Williams, Everet Smith, Paige Burns, Molly Dedmond, Robert Edens

We're two Extension Agents, finding out first hand the challenge and rewards of raising peaches. We love ’ em, we're having fun; we just hope we don't go broke.

paige burns

Paige Burns, a long time North Carolina resident, graduated from NCSU in 1986 with a BA in History and in 1995 with a BS in Horticulture. After raising two young children and working in the landscaping industry for a number of years, she became an Agriculture Agent for North Carolina Cooperative Extension in 2007, working in the areas of commercial and consumer horticulture. In addition to Ag Agent, for the past 2 1/2 years she has served as the Interim County Extension Director for Richmond County. In 2011 Paige received the Outstanding North Carolina Cooperative Extension Agent award given by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and NC SARE.

Paige has two children, 3 cats, and lives in Southern Pines, NC.

paige burns

Taylor Williams, a native of Richmond Virginia, is a 1979 graduate from Davidson College with a BS in Biology, and a 1984 graduate from Virginia Tech with an MS in Entomology. He conducted an IPM program for gypsy moth management in Virginina for five years, and from 1992 to 1995 was Plant Protection Specialist for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Rockingham, NC. Since 1995, Taylor Williams has worked for North Carolina Cooperative Extension as an Agriculture Extension Agent in Lee County, an Area Specialized Agent in Lee, Moore and Richmond County, County Extension Director in Richmond County, and now serves as Agricultural Extension Agent in Moore County. In 2010, Taylor was recognized as the Outstanding Sustainable Agriculture Agent by the NC SARE (North Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) program.


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